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Moving Boxes is the single source for moving boxes and packing materials. Our moving experts have put moving box kits together with your needs in mind and we sell eco-friendly boxes with our planet in mind. Although some of the moving box kits contain both moving boxes and packing materials such as bubble rolls wrap, moving tapes, and markers. We strongly suggest you browse through Moving Supplies section of to customize your order and avoid last minute running around.

Correct packing is the key to a successful move. Make a list of moving supplies that you will need in addition to what is in the moving kits. Other specialty moving supplies that are essential to any safe move are: Moving Blankets, LCD TV Boxes, Appliance Boxes, Wardrobe Boxes, TV and Computer Boxes, Picture and Mirror Boxes, Kitchen Dish Boxes, Kitchen Glass Boxes, Packing Foams, Packing Peanuts, Bubble Packs, Bubble Bags and Moving Straps.

Moving Supplies

Quality moving supplies are as essential for moving as the moving company you hire.  The damages to the valuables that are associated with moving could be reduced significantly when the right moving supplies used for the right job.  Arrival of broken objects creates an additional stress to the one already caused by the packing, unpacking and moving and could be easily avoided busing sturdy moving boxes and quality packing supplies. offers a full line of moving boxes in different sizes, moving box kits for packing of homes from 1 to 10 rooms as well as a great selection of quality packaging supplies.  We have been the popular moving supplies source for professional movers, businesses and consumers alike. 

Flat Screen TV Boxes

The popularity of flat screen TV boxes has created a new trend in manufacturing of the specialty boxes. While currently there are many different boxes floating around in the market, one should be most careful in picking box that is the right size and offers the strength that is necessary to protect the fragile Plasma, LCD and LED TV's.  We offer heavy duty Flat Screen TV Boxes that meets or exceeds the industry standards with a full overlap flap will safely pack you TVs.  There are three different sizes to accommodate flat screen TVs from 32" to 37" or 40" to 46" and 50" to 55".  Our relocation experts strongly recommend the use of fillers in securing any flat screen TV in the box to avoid any damage that might happen due to the shift of the TV during the move.  You can choose from Packing Peanuts, Packing papers, Foam Wraps and Bubble Rolls.

For your home office we have put together another collection of our must-have specialty box kits that will securely pack your office as well as the computer and printer. The Computer Kit contain a computer box, printer box and any monitor of up to 19" or 24" wide.  This kits also contains a 18"X18"X12" box for your computer, a 18"X18"X18" printer box and a standard keyboard box as well as a collection of the initial packing supplies of 3 Lbs packing paper, a roll of packing paper and 25' of bubble roll. The other kits that you will need are Office and File Kit for Media that comes with a bundle of 5 Media Boxes 27.5"X10"X23" that are perfect for packing video tapes, CDs, DVDs and software disks or game disks.  The last kit is File Box Kit that contains 12 File Boxes that will pack all you legal size or letter size files securely. please make sure to fill in all void areas of the kits with fillers such as bubble rolls, packing peanuts or packing papers

All orders received by 4:00pm will be shipped same day and with free shipping plus 100% price guarantee there is no need to shop the internet for best price on each item. Our moving experts are available 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday to take your order over the phone or assist you with any questions or concerns. To save even more, please check our websites for special promo coupons and manager's weekly specials.

Green Moving Supplies

Eco Smart Boxes provides consumers a responsible way to move with our green moving supplies products. Our moving boxes are made from recycled materials. We value the preservation of resources for future generations, which is why Eco Smart Boxes moving supplies you with quality, earth-friendly products that reduce waste and are bio-degradable.

Help us eliminate negative environmental impact and “Go Green” today with Eco Smart eco-friendly moving boxes and moving supplies! 

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